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Adopted 6/1/93
Revised 10/3/99
Revised 2/14/00

Section 1.
The end responsibility for selection of all materials, as well as for all library activities, rests, with the Director, who operates within the framework of policies determined by the Library Board. The following guidelines are to be considered in the selection process; however, an item need not meet all of the criteria in order to be acceptable.

Section 2.
Criteria for the collection

  1. Relevance to community interests and needs, and suited to the recreational nature of this library.
  2. Expressed public demand.
  3. Current usefulness of permanent value.
  4. Opinions of critics, reviewers, Director, Library Board and general public.
  5. Reputation and/or significance of author
  6. Statement of challenging or original point of view
  7. Relation to existing collection
  8. Quality in content, format and binding
  9. Availability of materials in the subject area
  10. Budgetary and space considerations

Section 3.
Scope of the collection

The library does not generally purchase certain classes of books and printed materials as a matter of policy. These include:

  1. Expensive editions
  2. Collector’s items
  3. Textbooks, or materials for school assignments
  4. Sectarian or religious dogmatic or specialized doctrinal works

Section 4.
Gift and Endowment Policy

Endowment Funds are gifts and bequests to the Neuschafer Community Library. The Board of Trustees of the Library has established special and separate accounts for these gifts/endowment funds.

The purpose of gifts to the library is to enrich its services, resources and facilities beyond what would normally be available through public funding. Gifts will not be used for continuing costs of operation except where specific programs are not suitable for public funding or when specified by the terms of the gift.

(Note: the term "Trust Officer" refers to the Clerk-Treasurer of the Village of Fremont.)

  1. All cash contributions to the funds shall be deposited to the respective account/s at the financial institution designated by the Board of Trustees and Trust Officer.
  2. Potential donors may be offered a choice of options to allow some flexibility in use, but specific enough to reflect the donor’s interest whenever possible.
  3. Any gift, grant, trust, bequest or endowment given to the library shall be under the control of the Board of Trustees and be used under its direction excluding contributions made by Friends of the Neuschafer Community Library or other individuals who so indicate.
  4. These funds are intended for programs, services, special equipment, collections, automation, improvements to facilities and grounds of the library which are not a part of the normal operations.
  5. Monetary gifts are always easiest to designate and control. If a donor is considering a gift of a collection, stock, real estate, or any other type of specialized giving, it is the recommended that the Board of Trustees, together with the Trust Officer (if warranted) be designated to have full power to convert such type of gifts to cash. The proceeds will then be added to the endowment funds and used in accordance with the donor’s wishes and recommendations of the Board of Trustees.
  6. Gifts to these funds are sometimes considered in the form of property such as book, videos, record or equipment. These materials are accepted only with the understanding that they will be used as needed in accordance with the library’s materials selection policy and may be weeded in accordance with Sections 5 and 6 below.
  7. Any funds generated by a Friends group-not from these donations are not to be deposited into these endowment funds accounts.
  8. Any income from these gift/endowment accounts shall be added to the accounts, separate from the regular library budget. No part shall be spent for on-going maintenance or operational costs.

All gifts shall be acknowledged by the recipient.

The Board of Trustees shall approve all expenditures to be made from these funds. The Trust Officer shall provide to the Board of Trustees a Semi-annual report on the funds in the accounts with any additions, income and expenditures.

Individual, club business and corporate contributions are welcome subject to this policy and guidelines. As arms of the municipal government of the Village of Fremont, all funds donated to the endowment/gift fund will be used for public purposes and are therefore tax deductible according to current IRS regulation. A receipt will be provided for this purpose upon request.

Section 5.
Maintaining the collection

Books may be repaired or rebound if the physical condition warrants; items which are obsolete or not repairable will be disposed of as indicated above.

Section 6.
Interlibrary Loan

Because of limited budget and space, the library cannot provide all materials that are requested. Therefore, interlibrary loan is used to obtain from other libraries those materials that are beyond the scope of this library.

Section 7.

An up-to-date, attractive and useful collection is maintained through a continual discarding and replacing process. Replacement of worn volumes is dependent upon current demand, usefulness, more recent acquisitions and availability of newer editions. Weeding is the responsibility of the Library Director.

Section 8.
Problem Areas

  1. The Neuschafer Community Library recognizes that some materials are controversial and the any given item may offend some patrons. Selection materials will not be made on the basis of anticipated approval or disapproval, but solely on the basis of the principles stated in this policy.
  2. Responsibility for the reading of children rests with their parents or legal guardians. Selection of library materials will not be inhibited by the possibility that materials may come into the possession of children.
  3. Library materials will not be marked or identified to show approval or disapproval of their contents, and no library material will be sequestered to protect it from injury or theft.

Section 9.
Challenged Materials

In the event that a patron of the Neuschafer Community Library complains about a book (or any type of material) that is a part of the permanent collection of the Neuschafer Community Library, the following procedure is to be followed. All complaints are to be taken seriously and the utmost courtesy will be extended tot he complainant.

  1. The patron will be asked to complete the Challenged Materials form and submit it to a Neuschafer Community Library staff member.
  2. The staff member must immediately sign and date the form. The staff member must then save the original for the Director and give a photocopy of the form to the patron.
  3. The Director of the Neuschafer Community Library will then arrange an interview with the patron who filed the complaint as soon as possible. During the interview, the Director will give the complainant a copy of the Neuschafer Community Library Selection Policy, the American Library Association’s Bill of Rights, and the Right to Read Statement.
  4. If the patron is not satisfied with the interview with the Director, he/she may request a hearing with the Library Board Trustees of the Neuschafer Community Library.
  5. If the issue cannot be resolved with the Library Board, the complainant can ask for a public hearing with the Neuschafer Community Library Board of Trustees.
  6. Any decision made by the Board of Trustees following the interviews and/or hearing will be final.

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