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Neuschafer Community Library

Procedures For The Use Of The Personal Computer/Internet Workstations

Adopted 10/3/99

  1. You must have a valid OWLSnet library card to use the workstations. The card must be current and have no delinquencies. All fines and other charges must be paid in full before using a workstation. The user must provide his/her own valid library card to use the computer workstations. The card must be left at the library’s circulation desk while using a workstation. And a notation of the time start/end will be required for usage.
  2. You may use only those programs already loaded onto the computer. You may not download personal or other library software onto the computer.
  3. You may not load any program, software or floppy disc into the computer. Only library staff will be allowed to load or unload any of these items.
  4. You may not save any information to the hard drive of the computer. Because of today’s problems with viruses we will be unable to let you bring in discs to use with our computers. You may copy a 3 1/2" floppy disc which is provided by the library at a cost of $.50 per disc. If you would like to continue working on the disc, at the library, the staff will save the disc for you up to six months. Discs taken from the library premises may not be reused in a library computer.
  5. You may use the computer for up to 1/2 hour with additional 1/2 hour increments if no one is waiting to use it. No more than two individuals will be allowed at a workstation at a time and only in the case of a homework assignment unless otherwise authorized. Access to a computer is on a first come first serve basis. No reservations of computer time are accepted. Sign up at the circulation desk is required. You will be required to leave your library card at the desk and sign in as to the start/finish time.
  6. Children age 9 or younger must be accompanied by a parent or adult caregiver to use the computer. Parents or guardians may restrict access to the Internet for their child or children only, but the restriction must be in person, and in writing, using the form provided by the library. The child’s or youth’s library card will be coded to indicate the restriction.
  7. Library staff are not available to assist patrons in the use of computers or the Internet. Staff may assist with printing and saving information to a disc, but will not assist in the use of any program.
  8. You may print your work from the computer at a cost of $.25 per page. Paper will be provided by the library staff upon request. Personal paper may be used with the approval of the library staff but the cost remains the same.
  9. Any and all damages to the library’s hardware or software will be charged to the person using the computer.

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