Join us at the Neuschafer Community Library this summer for an exciting adventure with our Summer Library Program, themed “Adventure Begins at Your Library”! From June 5 to August 14, dive into a world of stories, crafts, and outdoor exploration with activities like Dragon Training Academy, 4-H Fridays, and the Woodsy Dude survival series. Don’t miss the special presentation on Wisconsin Lumberjacks and Lore by Chad Lewis, and take advantage of our free state park pass checkout. With weekly storytimes and a fun reading challenge with prizes, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Let your adventure begin with us!

Featured Events

Lumberjack Legends & Lore

Join Chad Lewis for an evening filled with lumberjack legends and traditions.

Woodsy Dude Outdoors

Learn about the outdoors, survival techniques and more.

4-H Fridays Adventure Series

Every Friday, 4-H Americorps member Alison Acker brings 4-H into the community.

More Summer Fun

Explore Wisconsin State Parks for Free with Your Library Card!

This summer, the Neuschafer Community Library is thrilled to offer our patrons a fantastic opportunity to explore the great outdoors with a free day pass to Wisconsin state parks. This special offer is available to anyone with a library card from our library. Here’s everything you need to know to take advantage of this exciting program:

How It Works

  • Eligibility: The offer is available to all patrons who have a library card from the Neuschafer Community Library.
  • Availability: Passes are limited, so be sure to visit the library early to secure your free day pass.
  • How to Get Your Pass: Simply come to the library and ask your librarian for more information about checking out a state park pass.
  • Explore Wisconsin: Use your pass to enjoy the beauty and adventure of Wisconsin’s state parks, from hiking and picnicking to wildlife watching and more.


Join Our Summer Reading BINGO Challenge!

Get ready for an adventurous and rewarding summer with the Neuschafer Community Library’s Summer Reading BINGO Challenge! From June 5 to August 2, participate in fun and engaging activities, complete challenges, and win exciting prizes. Here’s how you can join the challenge and make the most of your summer reading adventure:

How to Get Started

  • Pick up Your BINGO Card: Visit the library to pick up your BINGO card.
  • Complete Challenges: Each square on the BINGO card lists a unique challenge, have fun!
  • Mark Your Progress: As you complete each challenge, mark the corresponding square on your BINGO card.
  • Earn Tickets: For every completed BINGO line (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) you earn a ticket. Place your tickets towards the raffle prizes of your choice for a chance to win.
  • Achieve a Blackout: Complete all the challenges on your BINGO card to achieve a “blackout” and receive a free book of your choice!

The final day to enter your tickets is on August 2.